Landscaping Services

What we offer

We develop professional Landscape Design according to the needs and desires of our Client’s representatives and project owners. We recommend, provide and share our technical knowledge and ideas in consultation with the clients for approval and amendment during the design drawing development stages.

We take pride in providing excellent professional touch for complete landscape installation works in accordance with the approved landscape design drawings. The Company has highly experienced and competent professional Horticulturists and Irrigation Engineers to execute projects of any size.

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Landscape Design & Consultation Division

The best project start with a concept landscape design.

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Hard Landscaping

Installation All Type Of Out Door Tile For Pathway Or Driveway By A Wide Collection Of Flooring Constituent.

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Soft Landscaping

Planting & Soil Preparation - Preparing Specified Plant Medium

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Automatic Irrigation Systems

Full Automatic Irrigation System - Installation

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Water Proofing Works

Supply , Fixing And Testing All Type Of Water Proofing Work

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Wooden / Fabric Shades Structures

Installation All Type Of Wooden Or Fabric Structures

Landscape Maintenance

Taking care of every leaf

Areej Landscaping has developed complete turf and shrub treatment programs to protect and promote healthy plant life. We strongly believe that healthy plants fight off disease, resist insects and choke out weeds. Areej Landscaping practices Integrated Pest Management to reduce the amount of pesticides used on your landscape. By evaluating and monitoring the landscape we can determine if there is a problem or if conditions favor a potential problem, and only treat on an as needed.

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