Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape Maintenance​

Areej Landscaping has developed complete turf and shrub treatment programs to protect and promote healthy plant life. We strongly believe that healthy plants fight off disease, resist insects and choke out weeds. Areej Landscaping practices Integrated Pest Management to reduce the amount of pesticides used on your landscape. By evaluating and monitoring the landscape we can determine if there is a problem or if conditions favor a potential problem, and only treat on an as needed. Our landscape management practices include the following services:

reduces the chance of unwanted weeds and grasses from spreading into mulched areas. It produces a distinctive edge separating turf from landscaped beds, creating a well-defined border. Edges are skill fully cut into soil by straight-edge shovel. The waste produced from this procedure is collected and removed.

Areej carries and installs an array of premium mulches, giving clients multiple choices to customize their landscape.

all pruning is performed at appropriate times during the growing season. Proper frequency of pruning promotes dense, healthy growth and reduces plant shock associated with heavy pruning, creating a well-manicured landscape. Plant material is trimmed with skill and precision to desired shape and accumulated debris is removed from the property.

to minimize the client’s cost, Areej applies a nonselective herbicide directly to the weeds, ensuring complete elimination of existing weeds, therefore reducing the labor time spent handpulling. However, hand-pulling is still preferred when weeds are growing near plants and it is not safe to spray because of possible drift.

Areej offers a wide variety of seasonal bedding plants "depends on availability" to provide season round color in landscaped beds and ornamental containers, such as window boxes, urns, etc. Clients may choose a year-round program or flower plantings for a specific season(s).

all mowing is performed with “commercial” rotary mowers; blades are changed and sharpened regularly to provide greener appearance and to lessen the probability of fungal disease. Healthy turf, thus reducing the development of broadleaf weeds. Necessary precautions are taken by operators to avoid clipping dispersal into mulched areas. After mowing, operators use string-trimmers to vertically edge hard surfaces (i.e. curbs, sidewalks, etc.) and landscape beds to produce a distinctive edge. Trimming around structures and other turf areas, also cut by a string-trimmer, is done at the same cutting height as the mowing equipment to eliminate scalping. Finally, all debris by mowing and trimming operation is blown off sidewalks, driveways, patios, porches, decks, steps and other paved surfaces.

during periods of light leaf coverage, the leaves are mulched to replenish nutrients back into the soil. Heavy leaf coverage is completely removed to prevent smothering the turf. Leaves are thoroughly collected from entire property by hand raking, blowers, vacuums and other turf equipment. Areej Landscape Company can perform all the necessary maintenance services needed to effectively manage your landscape and keep it looking amazing throughout every season.

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